Gardening In Chelaque


Are you into gardening or landscaping? Do you have a little time to donate to the neighborhood? We have a suggestion for you. Adopt a common use area and work your magic. There are numerous areas and street corners around the neighborhood that can use some attention to details. If you live near one of them, maybe you should consider taking some interest in creating a pleasing landscape and tending to it during the year. Some of your neighbors have already done so. To adopt-a-plot, email or call the Chelaque Homeowners Association President.
[email protected]

"Deer Plants"

We love to see deer, but reworking the landscape around them can be a chore. Your first two rules of thumb are to choose plants that are fuzzy and secondly, choose ones that have a strong or pungent odor. Deer typically do not like either of those. We suggest you Google deer resistant plants for images and sources. Whether deer resistant or not, shown here are some plants that are growing in Chelaque.






Genista Lydia

Evening or English Primrose



Dogwood Tree Flower



Rose of Sharon Hibiscus




Red Japanese Maple

Pampas Grass

Maintaining Vacant Lots

With the increase in population in Chelaque Estates, more attention is being placed on maintaining the beauty and value of our neighborhood. The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Chelaque Estates state that maintaining an attractive area for residential purposes is the responsibility of each lot owner, and that at no time shall any lot be allowed to go to waste or waste away by being neglected. As one drives through our neighborhood, there are many lots that have an inordinate amount of downed trees. Please be responsible and properly maintain your lot. If you would like to have someone visit your lot to determine if you have a number of downed trees that should be taken care of, or if you have any other questions regarding lot maintenance, the Architectural Committee would be happy to assist. Feel free to contact the architectural chair, at [email protected]